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Our jewellery is consistently handcrafted to a very high standard using conflict-free diamonds, ethically mined gold and a 7-stage quality control process

Where Clogau jewellery is handcrafted

Originally, all Clogau jewellery was manufactured in North Wales, but in 2005 the decision was made to move production overseas in an attempt to fulfill customer demands for shorter manufacturing and delivery times, and to sustain the growth of the brand.

The change has meant that the costs to both customer and company have been reduced, and customers now receive their jewellery with 2-3 working days, instead of several weeks. It has also meant that we can keep up with the demand for Clogau jewellery on the high street and, increasingly, internationally.

The majority of Clogau jewellery is made up of multiple components due to the addition of Welsh gold (usually in the rose gold detailing), thus complicating the manufacturing process. A team of dedicated employees are responsible for creating jewellery of the utmost beauty and quality.

The quality and cut of our diamonds

The quality of Clogau diamonds are typically:

  • In silver items where the diamond is 0.49ct or under: SI1 (slightly included) clarity and G-H colour (near colourless)
  • In gold items where the diamond is 0.49ct or under: VS2-SI1 (very slightly to slightly included) clarity and G-H colour (near colourless)
  • Any diamond 50pts, or more, set in gold or silver: VS1 (very slight inclusions, not visible to the unaided eye) clarity and G-H colour (near colourless)

Clogau classically uses either of two cuts: the classic brilliant cut which has been perfected to generate the maximum radiance possible and the most important cut of the modern era, the square princess cut.

Our gold is mined ethically

Gold from the Clogau St David’s Mine, and other Welsh gold, has been mined in an ethically sound manner. Within the majority of our jewellery, however, Welsh gold is combined with World gold.

As members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, we are committed to completing the compulsory member certification against the Code of Practices and the voluntary Chain of Custody standard, which is currently under development. The RJC aims to improve the transparency of the full jewellery supply chain; from mine to retail.

Clogau is currently making plans to offer customers a more ethically sound, Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold, option.

We use a 7-stage quality control process

“A trusted technique, hand-in-hand with an organised approach to the supply chain ensures that product quality is consistently high and low fault rates are maintained.” Ben Roberts, Managing Director.

The quality of construction, finish and methods used are under constant review and improvement, and are written into the Service Level Agreement for suppliers. The agreement covers manufacturing requirements such as high quality alloys to be used in the anti-tarnish casting grain, German findings/clasps and chain sourced from the UK.

A stringent 7-stage quality-control process is in place:

  1. Porosity check on cast “tree”
  2. 1st stage component 1 surface finish check
  3. 1st stage component 2 surface finish check
  4. Solder/laser check & pre-polish
  5. Final surface polish check
  6. Construction & size check
  7. Final check

Improving logistics

Clogau is continuously striving to improve the logistical operations it undertakes. Recent developments have enabled international jewellery orders to travel on average 80% less distance to their destination, compared with the original journey.