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Welsh Gold

Where our Welsh gold comes from and how it was mined

Where does your Welsh gold come from?

The Welsh gold that goes into every piece of Clogau jewellery comes from a stockpile that was mined by ourselves during the late 1990s.

Welsh gold rock

Why do you only include a small amount of Welsh gold?

Gold mining no longer takes place in Wales, making Welsh gold one of the rarest golds in the world. For this reason, we can only include a small amount of this exclusive gold in each piece. This allows our jewellery to be not only unique but also affordable to those who wish to own a piece of Welsh and Royal history of their own. It also ensures the longevity of our supplies.

How much is Welsh gold worth?

At present, Welsh gold can be valued up to 30 times more than standard world gold.

On 28th November 2017, 10 lots of Clogau gold, mined under government lease between 1979 and 1981, were expected to fetch about £9,000.

But after going under the hammer at auction in Colwyn Bay, the lots went for £44,000, the auctioneer had been told by experts that Welsh gold was "visibly discernible" from other types and the "Clogau factor" could increase the selling amount.

The smallest nugget weighed 3g (0.1oz) had a guide price of £600-£700 but went for £4,000. The 16.26g (0.5oz) of gold flakes and dust was expected to fetch between £1,600 and £2,000 but went for £10,500.

The precious metal was mined from Clogau St David's after a farmer in the area, Jack Williams, approached Kerry John Thackwell and his father Ray. The pair came to Wales to mine in Gwynfydd after working in Western Australia. Mr Williams told them he was the last miner to work in St David's in 1939 and could show the men where there were gold-bearing veins.

The men obtained a mining lease and extracted the gold over three years.

Statement from the Edinburgh Assay Office on the chain of custody when including Welsh gold in Clogau jewellery

Since 2014, The Edinburgh Assay Office has continued to work closely with Clogau Gold of Wales developing and witnessing their chain of custody for the addition of Welsh gold to their jewellery products.

We are satisfied that the quality management process followed by Clogau Gold of Wales provides assurance of the statement "Welsh gold is contained within each piece of Clogau Gold jewellery" by supporting:

• The validity of the source of Welsh Gold used by Clogau Gold of Wales.
• That a pre-determined quantity is being included in the production of all Clogau Gold items.
• That the quantity is consistent across their range of jewellery.
• That verifiable records are being kept to provide clear audit trail to support these assurances.

John Fadden
Quality Manager
Edinburgh Assay Office
18th October 2017

Download letter as a PDF

How much Welsh gold is in each piece?

We do not state the % content for a number of reasons. Firstly, the precise Welsh gold content varies with the caratage of the gold in the piece. Also, we do not wish to be obliged to a fixed % in case we are forced to reduce it in the future due to depleting stocks.

You can be guaranteed that there is Welsh gold within your jewellery which is shown by the Welsh Dragon stamp which is applied.

Where do you include the Welsh gold in your jewellery?

The Welsh gold is normally included within the rose gold detailing of the piece (and is not the entire rose gold part, as sometimes assumed). In the items that do not contain rose gold, we incorporate it within the other gold featured in the piece.

Stamps and hallmarks on our jewellery

Every piece of Clogau jewellery is marked with the Welsh Dragon stamp to indicate that a touch of Welsh gold is contained within. The Clogau stamp identifies the item as a genuine piece of Clogau jewellery.