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A small selection of our latest and most iconic collections

Storytelling through beautiful jewellery is at the very heart of Clogau. Using rare Welsh gold from the Clogau St. David’s mine - one of the world's most rare and expensive golds - Clogau jewellery is inspired by associations with the Royal Family and the natural beauty of Wales.

Chapter I: The Royal Story

These collections are inspired by our Royal stories, the world famous Crown Jewels and the Historic Royal Palaces of Great Britain.

Chapter II: The Enchanted Garden

Our most enchanting collections, with inspirations from butterflies, damselflies, the Tree of Life, and fairies.

Chapter III: Aur Cymru

Every piece in the Clogau Aur Cymru collection is inspired by the breathtaking natural beauty of Wales and the fables and myths that have evolved through its dramatic history.

Chapter IV: Am Byth

Yellow and rose gold filigree pieces set with sparking diamonds; heart and harp inspired pieces to remind her of his love; beautiful key pendants that she could keep close to her heart, each containing a note with a secret message.

Chapter V: The Wedding

Beautifully hand crafted engagement and wedding rings each containing a touch of rare Welsh gold.

Chapter VI: Charmed

Each charm is a precious reminder of our innermost secret dreams, hopes, and wishes.

Chapter VII: Players and Princes

Collections developed in association with the Welsh Rugby Union and the Welsh Polo Association, along with a collection of watches and cufflinks.